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Access the first chapter of my new book “The I.G.I Principles” 
& gain the secret code to invite your highest GOOD into your life and business.
About The Author
Steve Rodgers is a former Warren Buffet CEO who experienced a radical  spiritual transformation that has evolved into a new mission as a purpose-driven consultant and entrepreneur coach, in-demand international keynote speaker, and bestselling author. He specializes in helping business owners and leaders increase profits while bringing  spiritual intelligence into every aspect of their personal and  
professional lives to invite in success, fulfillment, and abundance  beyond their wildest dreams. 
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Book Highlights
What You Will learn In The I.G.I Principles:

- Spiritual intelligence is key to achieving a consistently growing, evolving, successful, and vibrant business. Are you creating spiritual intelligence within your business?

- All humans have the freedom to choose what happens in their lives. Living up to your moral fiber and choosing to do the right thing can help you achieve business success and happiness.

- If you want to achieve greater and lasting success with productivity,
profits, and purpose allow space for goodness and God to flow through all levels of your business.

- Trust is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. You act with faith that a higher power will guide you on your journey towards success.

- Track and measure the 4 B’s of your body, your being, your bonds, and your business to ensure that they are in alignment with the goodness you want to invite into your life. This enables you to get a better view and find clarity on whether your daily actions are directed towards achieving your goals.

Here's What People Are Saying About The IGI Principles

" This is a warm, wonderful book, full of ideas and insights that will open your mind and heart to the true potential that lies within you. Not only is it a joy to read, but you will never be the same afterword."
- Brian S. Tracy
World-renowned speaker , consultant, and writer of over 70
best-selling books.
" Steve Rodgers has done it, lives it and now teaches it in this great book. The IGI Principles are essential to all great leaders; learn them and live them and you‘ll be one too."
- David Corbin
Two Time WSJ Best Selling Author of Illuminate and Preventing BrandSlaughter
" One of those books that leaves you better off for reading it. LOVE this message. Perfect for today’s society."
-  Greg S. Reid
Author: Think and Grow Rich series
" A new and far better world is emerging and Steve Rodgers is right on top of it leading the way! Finally in IGI Principles, we have the road map to a happier life in business as well as personally. Steve’s ideas are classic, proven, feel-good principles that lead to success, well as personal happiness. IGI is a trumpet call to our Higher Selves to come forward and influence our higher, far better lives. Steve Rodgers is an authentic leader in business as well as living what he pronounces as the better way. Reading his book, you’ll no doubt think, “I want what he’s having!”"
-  Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck
" We have learned how important it is to be engaged in the work we do. There are countless engagement surveys that warn of the impact of disengagement in the workplace. And, there are an equal number of approaches to raising those scores. If these principles were practiced by everyone…..engagement scores could go sky high."
-  Dr. Beverly Kaye
Author, Speaker, Consultant
" Steve Rodger's is an amazing individual and his personal wisdom is changing the world and his heart is available to everyone he comes in contact with. Don't miss your invitation to Greatness found in this writing."
-  Craig Collins
CEO, Universal Reading Method LLC

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